Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How I can the purchase of a store?

The online buying process is easy and simple and does not take much time. For more information, you can review the page Order method 


Q: What Methods Checkout Available? 

Payment service by credit card: Available to all customers within Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries, and the world
Payment service through a mada card: Available to all customers inside Saudi Arabia
Payment service on receipt: Available to all customers in all regions of Saudi Arabia
Payment service through SADAD service: Available to all customers inside Saudi Arabia only
Payment service by bank transfer: Available for all Saudi customers
Payment service by international bank transfer or through exchange offices: for customers of the Gulf countries

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Easy service Shipping Available For all the cities in Saudi?

Yes, delivery and shipping service is available to all regions within the Kingdom for free

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    Easy service Shipping Available To clients Out Saudi?

      Yes, we provide express shipping service to our customers outside the Kingdom in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council through SMSA, with very low shipping fees.

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    Q: How much Duration which It lasts The shipment to reach the customer?

    Within the city of Riyadh: on the same day or within a maximum of XNUMX hours

    Other cities in the Kingdom: XNUMX-XNUMX working days

    Gulf countries: XNUMX-XNUMX working days

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    Q: What is it . the demand?

    The order number is the number that is automatically sent upon completion of the order and is used to follow up the status of the request with customer service representatives or in the order status field


    Q: Where I find . the demand?

    After completing the application process, you will be automatically redirected to a page containing your order number. You can also know it by viewing the e-mail sent from the site, which includes the details of your request, including its number.


    Q: I got up Completes عملية the demand But لم I receive أي رسالة in postal Mail, Do you هناك Error What?

    In the event that you did not receive the order confirmation message on the incoming e-mail, we advise you to check the junk mail. If the order confirmation message is not found, please write to us on the e-mail [] or whatsapp [00966500131728].

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    Easy Must Ali emphasis My order?

     Yes, order confirmation is important to start processing your order and then shipping it, in case the bank transfer is used as a payment method

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    Q: What Intended For sure the demand?

    inside Riyadh city: After completing the order, a delivery service representative will contact you to complete the address and determine the appropriate time for delivery. In the event of no response or response within XNUMX hours, the order will be canceled automatically.

    The rest of the Kingdom's cities: After completing the request, you will receive an email with the account numbers for the transfer of the total amount due. After the transfer, you must confirm the transfer on the order confirmation page to approve your order, prepare the parts and ship them.

    Out The kingdom: (When paying by bank transfer only) After completing the request, you will receive a message by e-mail containing the account number and full data to transfer the value of the total amount due .. After the transfer, the transfer must be confirmed on the order confirmation page to approve your order, prepare the parts and ship them.


    Q: Where I find Specifications the product in a store?

    Seeing product specifications is very important so we have attached the specifications of each product next to the image on the product page.


    Q: What she The Bulletin Postal And how I can Benefit Of which?

    For special offers, exclusive discounts and renewed news about the latest products before they are shown on the site, you can register for the store's newsletter at the bottom of the page.


    Q: I have it Problem, Do you I can Communication With you?

    Yes, with pleasure! You can contact us via customer service on the website or by writing to us on WhatsApp 00966500131728 Or email

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