History of the footwear industry

History of the footwear industry

September 15, 2021

Neanderthals discovered the need to protect their feet when they flew to make their way across rocks, so the first shoes, and perhaps sandals, were slippers of grass, belts of leather, or even flat pieces of wood, which early humans pulled to the soles of their feet With straps of leather tied around his ankles, it is natural that these sandals were not enough to protect the feet in cold regions, so humans added other materials to them that gradually evolved into shoes. And the Egyptians were the first civilized people to make shoes, and they used felts of leather or papyrus that were tied to the foot by means of two straps, and to protect the thumbs of the feet, they raised the front of the sandal to the top. The Romans took another step and made a type of shoe they called "Calcius", it had 8 slits on both sides and a lace held in the front, and they made this type of shoes in different shapes that were worn by the different classes in Roman society. And people in cold regions on Earth developed a kind of shoe independently, for example they sometimes wore bags stuffed with grass that they tied around the feet. Over time, these evolved into the "muqasin" (sleepless shoe made of smooth leather) used by the Eskimos and Native Americans. As for our modern shoes, their beginnings go back to the days of the Crusades. The Crusaders went on long pilgrimages and needed to protect their feet, so it became necessary to make long-lasting shoes. Over time, very beautiful leather shoes began to appear in France, Italy and England. And shoes have always been subject to the vagaries of fashion. For example, during the time of James I, King of England, the fashion for high heels spread. And very soft leather was popular as a fashion in society, and it was difficult to walk in it, but people stuck to it. And before the advent of high heels, there was a time when rectangular shoes at the front where the thumb rests were considered fashionable. These shoes were very narrow, and the length of the thumb ranged between 12 and 15 centimeters, and the sole of the shoe was therefore tapered. And the shoe industry entered the United States of America with Thomas Beard in 1629 AD

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